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Horse jumping equestrian dating olympics

Riders must complete the course in a set time or receive one fault per second they go over.Riders want to finish with as few faults as possible.Spectator friendly and easy to understand, the object for the Jumper is to negotiate a series of obstacles, where emphasis is placed on height and width, and to do so without lowering the height or refusing to jump any of the obstacles.The time taken to complete the course is also a factor.The wealth of information collected also serves as a great resource for amateur equestrians faced with adverse climatic conditions around the world.Equestrian sports featured on the Olympic programme of the Paris Games in 1900, with jumping events, and were then withdrawn until the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

Although women had been allowed to ride in equestrian events since 1952, it wasn't until Helena du Pont competed for the United States at the 1964 Tokyo Games that Eventing saw its first woman representing her country.Arguably the best known of the equestrian disciplines, jumping (sometimes called show jumping) features highly technical courses with a series of obstacles that vary in height and width, including water jumps, simulated stone walls, parallel rails and triple bars.For each obstacle that is hit or that a horse refuses to jump, a penalty of four faults is assessed.All 17 competitors managed to jump 4.50 metres (14.8 ft), but several were eliminated at 4.90 metres (16.1 ft).The winning jump of 6.10 metres (20.0 ft) was considered unimpressive, but was in part due to heavy ground caused by rain earlier on the day of the competition.

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After the team results are official, there are two final rounds for the individual competition.