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Intimidating technology

If you are successful, the target is shaken for 1 round.MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee Public Schools PRINCIPAL is in jail -- and the allegations against her have shocked some of her students.Much of handling intimidating people thus lies in stopping that comparison, or in reassuring ourselves we've got plenty of points to fight with.The we-inspire room is the solution to your team's productivity.One read: "need to get her out of Milw one way ticket between 8-160 she packed and ready to go now.Just don't no what do with her." The complaint says Carthen even provided a letter allegedly written by the victim saying the accusations were not true.

: You can use this skill to cause an opponent to become shaken for a number of rounds.

That letter was given to prosecutors in the sexual assault case.

At Washington High School of Information Technology, students on Thursday, February 9th said this story is the talk of the school.

According to police reports, Cunningham is married but Carthen is one of possibly three other girlfriends.

The complaint says Carthen had been visiting the woman "to discuss Cunningham's case and advise (the woman) not to attend court -- and to leave town." The victim told investigators that "Cunningham knew her family lived in Mississippi and that Carthen told (the woman) that she knew where (the woman's) family was in Mississippi." Additionally, the complaint says the woman told police "Carthen was a principal at Washington High School in the MPS system." Carthen allegedly told the woman "she knew people and students around MPS, which caused (the woman) to fear for her children's safety as MPS students." The complaint says the information provided to investigators by the woman corroborates with text messages Carthen received in September.

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